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10 Tips on Where To Buy a Purebred Pup

Buying a purebred pup is like marriage or any other long-term relationship -- impulse or convenience shouldn't determine where you do your match-making. The pup you buy should be a quality companion that looks and acts as a fine representative of his breed. Considering the source of the pup is the first step of the smart buyer. Rate your pup's origin with this checklist.

Pet Shop
  1. Sells pups as merchandise to anyone willing to pay. Doesn't screen buyers and will sell to inappropriate homes.
  2. Obtains stock from sources who breed for profit, often from "puppy mills" or local people who mate inferior specimens to sell at low cost. Reputable breeders never place pups in pet shops due to Point #1 (above).
  3. Pups often from breeding stock which has had poor health care and/or living conditions. Breeding stock not screened for genetic problems.
  4. Health guarantees are minimum prescribed by law. Sales personnel unwilling or unable to discuss diseases or genetic problems a breed may be prone to.
  5. Sales staff often doesn't have in-depth knowledge of breeds sold.
  6. Pet shop display limits the socialization, exercise and affection individual pups need at a critical point in development.
  7. Pet shop offers AKC registration papers as proof of "quality". Doesn't mention that AKC accepts registrations without checking if breeding stock is sound and true to type.
  8. Pet shops unwilling or unable to produce pedigree, or name, address & phone of breeder prior to sale.
  9. Price at high end of local range for what are usually just generic specimens and may be breed deviations.
  10. Pet shop owner doesn't care about welfare of pup after purchase. If, after some time, you have training or health problems with your pup, you're on your own.
Casual or "Backyard" Breeder
  1. Motive for breeding: "fun", "good for kids," or make money. Doesn't screen buyers and seldom refuses to sell, even if buyer is unsuitable.
  2. Breeds family pet to any convenient pet of same breed just to have purebred pups. Has no concern for genetics, bloodlines, or breed improvement.
  3. Though pet may be well-loved, it wasn't x-rayed for hip dysplasia nor checked for other inheritable problems.
  4. Offers no health guarantees beyond proof of shots. Unqualified to give help if problems develop.
  5. Seller has little knowledge of breed history or AKC breed standard. May claim this doesn't matter for "just pets".
  6. Pups raised in makeshift accommodations indicating lack of long-term investment in breeding.
  7. Even when selling "just pets", may produce AKC papers or "championship pedigree" as proof of quality. Yet seller doesn't increase own knowledge through participation in national or local breed club. Doesn't show own dogs to "prove" quality.
  8. May be unwilling to show buyer entire litter or to introduce dam of litter. Can't or won't compare/critique pups or pups' ancestors.
  9. Prices at low end of local range since has to move pups rapidly.
  10. No concern of individual pup's and breed's future. Doesn't use AKC's limited registration option or ask for spay/neuter contract to guard against breeding of substandard pets. If you can't keep pup, tells you to take it to dog pound or sell it.
Reputable Hobby Breeder
  1. Dedication to producing quality dogs is serious avocation. Has so much invested in dogs that struggles to break even, not make profit. However, will only sell pups to approved buyers.
  2. Can explain how planned breeding to emphasize specific qualities through linebreeding, out-crossing, or more rarely, inbreeding.
  3. Has breeding stock x-rayed to check for hip dysplasia and test for other genetic faults. Can produce certification to prove claims.
  4. Lifetime commitment to replace a dog with proven genetic faults or to help owner deal with problem.
  5. Loves breed and can talk at length about its background, uses, and ideal type.
  6. Has a serious investment in dog equipment such as puppy pens, crates, grooming tables - and knows how to use it.
  7. Is member of local or national dog club, indicating a love for sport of dogs. Exhibits own dogs as an objective test of how stock measure up.
  8. Shows off litter and dam in sanitary environment. Helps buyer evaluate and choose pup. Explains criteria for "show picks" versus "pet picks".
  9. Prices will be at high end of local range, not cut-rate. Price won't reflect all that's invested in pups.
  10. After purchase, will help with grooming or training problems. Will take back pup you can't keep rather than see it disposed of inappropriately. Sells pets with spay/neuter agreement or limited AKC registration for welfare of breed. Reputation based on your satisfaction.



"Shelridge" puppies are usually pre-booked well in advance hence to avoid disappointment contact us sooner rather than later.


For more information please feel free to contact us.


Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Newfoundlands bred under the Shelridge kennel prefix are chosen with the number one priority of exceptional temperaments of course the selected dogs must also conform to the breed standard. We are of the opinion that no matter how handsome a dogs looks unless it has a trustworthy temperament it is worthless to any breeding program.

Hence we breed for the combination of beauty and brains. All our current breeding stock is hip and elbow scored before being bred. We breed for quality show/breeding stock not quantity.


It is our preference to place our puppies into loving caring environments whether shown or not. If a puppy is bought from us purely as a loving pet we require a desexing undertaking with the purchaser. We also expect and urge new owners to take out pet insurance cover on their charges, we send our puppies to new homes with free insurance cover until they reach twelve weeks of age, we then expect the new owners to continue with the cover.


We are proud of the Rhodesian Ridgebacks and Newfoundlands we have bred and stand behind our stock giving help, advise and support. Many of our first time puppy owners have come back to us for their second companion which we believe speaks enormously for our kennels reputation. Shelridge dogs are the parentage behind several successful show/breeding stock here in Australia and Overseas.