About Shelridge Kennels



"Shelridge" is a name synonymous with  Rhodesian RIdgebacks and Newfoundlands in Australia.  Although we have owned Sheltland Sheepdogs for many decades we have focused mainly on our large breeds until recently and we intend to become more active with our Shelties in 2014.

At   "Shelridge" we breed for quality breed representatives and not quantity. 

Our breed involvement in Rhodesian Ridgeback extends back to 1966 and our involvement with Newfoundlands began in 2007. The puppies we produce are raised with the upmost care and attention. 



Shelridge kennels was founded by Dawn and her mother Sylvia Corker.  The Corker family purchased their first Rhodesian Ridgeback in the late sixties upon returning to England from West Africa. It was during their stay in West Africa that they first encountered the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed.


Shelridge is a small select kennel proud of the dogs we have owned or breed. Our record speaks for its self. Our dogs have been prized by their owners for not only their show ring feats but also as loving family companions. We have always strived to exhibit top quality dogs.  Showcasing dogs that we feel typifies wonderful breed type. Our Ridgebacks have had many years of great success in the showring and obedience arena with a long list of Shelridge owned or bred champions. Our Newfoundlands have taken the showring by storm and we proud to have bred beautiful examples of the breed that have taken top honours at both speciality and all breed championship shows.


We aim to keep our standards high and we strive to breed from only health screened cleared dogs that are of top quality. All our dogs must also have good temperament, as we are of the strong belief that a dog without a sound temperament is worthless to any breeding program.  We are honest and open about our breeding stock and breed only with the intention of betterment of the breed.


An honest mans pillow is his peace of mind.